We’re helping to empower Canada’s independent artist entrepreneurs. Our programming is designed to improve Canada’s independent artist development system through education, career opportunity and professional support. There are two tiers of CIRAA membership available, each with incredible benefits. CIRAA’s Free Membership gives you full access to The CIRAA Mentorship Program and CIRAA Groundbreaker Grant as well as limited access to The New Indie, our flagship educational initiative. CIRAA Plus Membership gives you full access to all of CIRAA’s programming, access to the CIRAA North American Venue List, increased program eligibility, incredible discounts with our partners and much more. There is something for everyone. Welcome to CIRAA.


Career enhancing conversation from an artist-to-artist perspective. CIRAA's Mentorship Program offers emerging independent artists the coveted opportunity to receive 15 hrs of personalized, one-on-one advice from a successful Canadian artist. This program is designed to assist Canadian independent recording artists in navigating their way through the rapidly changing music industry paradigm. By providing direct access to experienced artists with valuable insight and advice, the goal of the CIRAA Mentorship Program is to build an organic relationship between mentor and mentee. For more information, click here.

Groundbreaker Grant

Encouraging live performance and touring. As we move away from an industry centred around physical sales, live performance has become the independent musicians most important asset. The CIRAA Groundbreaker Grant is our way of rewarding hard-working artists that are building their audiences by playing live. Each month, CIRAA members are eligible to receive a $100.00 micro grant for each gig that they have played during the previous calendar month, to a maximum of $1,200.

The New Indie

Current and relevant information directly from some of the country’s leading industry professionals and artists. The New Indie began as a podcast series and has become our flagship educational initiative. The New Indie is an interactive educational resource hosted in a question/answer format. Along with audio clips from the original series, CIRAA members can now find direct answers to their specific industry questions. Content is free and available to all CIRAA members. Become a CIRAA Plus Member to ask your own question.