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The New Indie

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Groundbreaker Grant has been temporarily suspended

CIRAA’s Board of Directors has made a difficult decision to temporarily suspend Groundbreaker Grant, a very popular program that has awarded over $80,000 to Canada’s artist entrepreneurs.

We will be dedicating those resources to our campaign to modernize the Canada Music Fund so it may better serve you. We believe our limited dollars will be better spent on our lobbying efforts in Ottawa and on our ambitious publicity and social media campaigns scheduled for 2015. CIRAA views this federal election year as a once in a generation opportunity to finally address the unfairness, inadequacies and outdated priorities of the Canada Music Fund, as delivered by FACTOR.  Ultimately, FACTOR could and should be running programs like Groundbreaker Grant that are designed for you. 2015 is about convincing them, Canadian Heritage and politicians that artist entrepreneurs have been ignored for too long.


You might hear that a lot, but it’s never been truer. You are an artist entrepreneur. We are Canada’s only association dedicated exclusively to you. We have momentum and we are prepared for a big year. It’s time for us to stand up and be counted.  There are two important things you can do:

 1)      Become a CIRAA Plus member. The more paid membership we have, the more ammunition we will have to fight this fight. If ever there was a time to become a paid member of an association, this is the time and CIRAA is the association.  Because in 2015, we plan to deliver more than great programs, we plan on fundamentally changing things forever. Please help us do that.

 2)      Prepare to speak up. Canada’s independent recording artists have a combined Twitter following of over 5 million, play 2,000 shows every single night of the year and are leaders in every community coast-to-coast-to-coast. We have the numbers to fuel a conversation. We speak the truth. We will be asking you in 2015 to speak up and be heard.

 We regret this temporary program suspension but are confident in our decision and priorities. We hope that you will join this movement to achieve music funding equality.


 The CIRAA Board